Service was top notch, and the DX4 is incredible! Item was as described and a fantastic deal! Communication started the moment I made the purchase, and shipping was immediate. Could not be more pleased with Pool Partz and highly recommend.
- Herndon, VA

Quality, Customer Service and Price.  Whoever said you can't have all three at the same time hasn't done business with Pool Partz.
- Ocean Springs, MS

After being a Dolphin Pool Cleaner owner for many years I recently purchased a new Dolphin Advantage model from Pool Partz. They had the best price of anyone on the internet and they were very knowledgeable on the entire Dolphin product line.
- Hillsborough, NJ

Perfect - Works GR8!!! 
– Ghent, NY

Dolphin pool cleaners

Welcome to Pool Partz LLC

2017 models have arrived with same-day shipping!


We are a Dolphin-exclusive reseller because we believe in only selling the highest quality robotic pool cleaners on the market.  Don't be fooled by other online retailers that are selling multiple brands - they only want the sale and rarely know the details of every model that they sell - they are only interested in the sale. 

We sell both brand new units and factory-certified pre-owned units where you can save hundreds of dollars over the cost of a new one.

All of the 2017 models are in brand new, never opened boxes and are shipped from multiple warehouses throughout the country to be able to deliver you the unit as quick as possible.

We have received many phone calls to help customers decide which 2017 cleaner they need for their pool.  We have the following information below to help you understand the differences between the models so you can pick the one that's perfect for your pool.  For only $119 more than the cost of the Nautilus Plus Clever Clean, you can now buy the 2017 Triton Powerstream that cleans the waterline for only $784!!!.

Dolphin Nautilus CC - entry level model with some great features.
Dolphin Nautilus Plus CC - top selling unit that provides larger filter capacity versus the Dolphin Nautilus CC.
Dolphin Triton Powerstream - besides cleaning the floor and walls, this unit will also clean the waterline!  ONLY $119 MORE THAN THE NAUTILUS PLUS FOR THIS GREAT FEATURE!!!
Dolphin Triton Plus Powerstream - all the features of the Triton Powerstream but also provides bluetooth capabilities and quick clean (floor only) mode.

Dolphin Nautilus CC and Nautilus CC Comparison:

Feature Nautilus CC Nautilus Plus CC
Pool size: 40 ft. 50 ft.
Cable length: 50 ft. 60 ft.
Cleans: Floor,wall,up to waterline Floor,wall,up to waterline
Brushes 1 active 2 rotating
Filter: Basket Cartridge
Filter type: 4 net panels fine/large 4 net and 4 panel fine/ultra fine
Filter capacity: Large Extra large
Bluetooth: No No
Weight: 13 lbs. 22 lbs.
Weekly timer: Yes Yes
Cable detangle: Software Software with swivel
Cycle time: 2 hours 2 hours
Quick clean: No No
Warranty: 12 months 24 months


Dolphin Triton Powerstream and Triton Plus Powerstream Comparison:

Feature Triton Powerstream Triton Plus Powerstream
Pool size: 50 ft. 50 ft.
Cable length: 60 ft. 60 ft.
Cleans: Floor,wall,and waterline Floor,wall,and waterline
Brushes 2 (1 active) 2 (1 active)
Filter: Basket Basket
Filter type: 4 net and 4 cartridge fine/ultra fine 4 net and 4 cartridge fine/ultra fine
Filter capacity: Extra large Extra large
Bluetooth on/off: No Yes
Bluetooth remote: No Yes/smartphone
Weight: 16 lbs. 16 lbs.
Weekly timer: Yes - automatic Yes - programmable
Cable detangle: Software Software
Cycle time: 2 hours 1 hour / 2 hours
Quick clean: No Yes
Warranty: 24 months 24 months


Maytronics Authorized Dealer

Pool Partz is an authorized reseller of Maytronics line of robotic pool cleaners. 
We have sold thousands of Dolphin units over the years.
Pool Partz is a Power seller on EBAY and has a tremendous feedback rating.



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