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Our automated systems always have the latest status of your order and you would receive the same information if you contact us. You can always obtain the latest status of your order on the order status page.
During the height of the season, this is by far our number one frequently asked question.  We totally understand that once you have made the decision on what model to buy, you want it shipped as soon as possible. Most products are shipped within 24 hours of order.  You can read our entire shipping policy here.

All Dolphin robots ship directly from manufacturer warehouses that are distributed across the country.  If parts and accessories were ordered along with the Dolphin robot, they will ship separately and you will receive tracking numbers on all shipments.

You can register your Dolphin robot for warranty purposes directly on the manufacturer’s website by clicking here.

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There are a couple of reasons why Maytronics have many different models. First and foremost, swimming pools come in different styles (i.e. above ground and in ground swimming pools) and sizes (i.e. small above ground versus a large commercial Olympic swimming pool) and therefore there are different robots that is optimal for every pool type. Additionally, these Dolphin pool cleaners are sold in different markets like brick and mortar stores vs. online. The great news about purchasing from Pool Partz is that we have exclusive access to the full line of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners so we can offer the model that you like best. We can also offer unbiased product reviews since we can simply highlight the differences between the models. We assume you already know that the Dolphin line of robotic pool cleaners are the best in business and that you would like to purchase one.

A certified refurbished unit is a unit that has been returned to the manufacturer for a variety of reasons. While the unit may have some scratches from the normal use, the unit has been inspected by factory-certified technicians and meet the same standards as new units. In fact, they go through an exhaustive 12-point prior to becoming available for resale .  All these Dolphin pool cleaners are shipped directly to the customer from the manufacturer warehouse after they are prepped and packaged for resale by the factory-trained technicians. We are the exclusive resellers for Maytronics which allows us to provide you with great prices on these Dolphin robotic pool cleaners. The unit comes complete with the robotic cleaner, the power supply, brand new filters, and all supporting documentation that would come with a brand new unit and they come with a bumper to bumper warranty directly from Maytronics. You don’t need to purchase anything else to use the unit when you receive it.

You can read more about the certified refurbished Dolphin robots here.

For over a decade, Pool Partz has been an exclusive reseller of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners and have thousands of customers that joined the Dolphin family. We fully understand the entire Dolphin product line and just aren’t in the business to sell you any brand of pool cleaner like the rest of our competition. Because Dolphins are the best in the industry, we don’t sell any other brand. Please think about that before your purchase – do you want to purchase from a reseller that is selling the myriad of brands out there or should you buy from a reseller that is solely committed to the Dolphin line? You can read more about the Dolphin product line and what features you should look for by reading our blog articles. You can also check our specials and coupons pages. As the exclusive reseller of certified refurbished Dolphin robotic pool cleaners, we strive to keep our prices as low as possible to provide you with the maximum amount of savings.  Because these units are shipped directly to you from the manufacturer, Maytronics takes great pride in delivering a quality product. You can read our return policy here.

For more frequently asked questions about Dolphin pool robots, please click here.

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