Dolphin Nautilus CC Certified Refurbished


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The Nautilus CC is the top selling Dolphin robotic pool cleaner for small in-ground swimming pools.

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Product Description

The Dolphin Nautilus CC is a performance in ground level model that cleans the floor and walls for pools up to 33 feet in length.

  • Sit back and relax while the Dolphin Nautilus CC robotic vacuum cleans the pool for you. Ideal for small swimming pools, above or in-ground up to 33 feet. This easy to use, compact cleaner will have your pool ready for splashing fun in just 2 hours.
  • Efficiency is key when it comes to pool cleaning. Unlike suction and pressure cleaners, Dolphins are 8x more energy efficient and do not rely on your pool pump or filter to get the job done. Ditch the pumps and hose and save energy with every pool cleaning.
  • Dolphin does all the hard work for you. Agile and efficient, the Nautilus CC was designed to clean your pool, effortlessly.  With superior scrubbing and filtering capabilities, you can relax knowing your pool’s floor and walls are left exceptionally clean.
  • Clean your pool with the touch of a button. Schedule the Nautilus CC to automatically clean your swimming pool each week using 3 settings- every day, every other day, or every 3rd day.
  • With more than 35 years of cleaning the world’s residential swimming pools, Dolphins provide pool owners with a hassle-free cleaning solution of unmatched performance and longevity. Get back to what really matters; spending time with family and friends.

Shipped product has everything you need to clean your pool spotless:

  • Dolphin robot
  • Power supply
  • Brand new filters

Product Specifications

ConditionCertified refurbished
Pool typeIn ground
Pool sizeUp to 33 feet
Filter accessTop loaded
Cycle time(s)2 hours
Weekly timer Yes
Quick water release Yes
Cable length50 feet
Unit weight14 pounds

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this unit a best seller?
For several years now the Dolphin Nautilus CC has been the best seller in this class of Dolphin pool cleaners because of perfect balance of the price of the unit versus the quality that you receive when you purchase a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner. The fact that this model continues to be the best seller is a testament to the great value that this pool cleaner provides.

Do you have the Dolphin Nautilus CC in stock?
We currently have limited stock of this model due to high demand. We have inventory right now so we encourage our customers to purchase as soon as possible since in past years once inventory runs out it is not known when we will have more to sell.

Where is the Dolphin pool robot shipped from?
The Dolphin Nautilus CC will ship directly to you from the Maytronics warehouse in Texas. Unlike other Dolphin resellers that need to pay for shipping costs to stock the robots into their warehouse and pay for warehouse space, we provide you with the additional cost savings because we ship directly to you from the manufacturer. A win-win for the consumer.

How soon do you ship the robot?
Most orders are shipped within 24 hours. We totally understand that once you've made the decision to purchase a Dolphin that you would like to receive it as soon as possible.

What are the voltage requirements for the Dolphin power supply?
The Dolphin requires a standard 120v outlet for power and should always use an outlet that is protected with a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) device. Do not use an extension cord or surge protector to power the Dolphin. Also, the power supply is not waterproof - it is water resistant - so it should be placed in a location where it won't get rained on.

Do I really need the ultra-fine filters?
In certain areas of the country where swimming pools can collect very fine dust, the purchase of the ultra-fine filters is highly recommended to pick up that type of debris. The unit comes with fine filters which is sufficient for the majority of our customers.

Can I keep the pool robot in the swimming pool when not in use?
We (and also the manufacturer) recommend that you remove the Dolphin out of the pool and stored away from the pool when not in use. This will allow you to rinse off the filters of debris and excess chemicals.

What's the purpose of the weekly timer then?
The purpose of the weekly timer is to allow you to keep the robot in the pool for a week and clean the pool during that time. You will need to make sure the filters stay cleaned.

Do I have to purchase any of the accessories to use the Dolphin pool robot?
Absolutely not. The purchase of the Dolphin Nautilus CC includes everything you need - no additional products are needed to get your swimming pool sparkling clean.

Why buy from Pool Partz?
For years, Pool Partz has been an exclusive reseller of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners and have thousands of customers that joined the Dolphin family. We fully understand the entire Dolphin product line and just aren't in the business to sell you any brand of pool cleaner like the rest of our competition. Because Dolphins are the best in the industry, we don't sell any other brand. Please think about that before your purchase - do you want to purchase from a reseller that is selling the myriad of brands out there or should you buy from a reseller that is solely committed to the Dolphin line?

Do they come with a warranty?
Every certified refurbished robot come with a full (parts and labor) bumper to bumper warranty direct from the manufacturer.

Is Pool Partz an authorized reseller for Maytronics?
Yes we are. For over a decade, we have been an authorized reseller of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners for Maytronics. In fact, we are the only online reseller that sells the full line of Dolphin robots so we are extremely knowledgeable in every model and can make recommendations for the model that best suits your needs and budget.

Where can I find the online manual for the Dolphin Nautilus CC?
Online product manuals for the Dolphin Nautilus CC can be found on the Maytronics website. You can access it from here.

36 reviews for Dolphin Nautilus CC Certified Refurbished

  1. Gino Carrillo

    Great product but what was better was the after-sales service offered by Pool Partz, they went above and beyond helping me with this product in almost no time. Thanks

  2. Lin Chien

    Fast shipping, friendly service rep, very happy with item received, works flawlessly. Thx Poolpartz

  3. Chris

    Bought one this year. Cannot tell you much about longevity, but I can tell you it cleaned really well. I don’t know if they shipped it with the ‘ultra-filter’ or just the normal, but it caught all the sand I had in my pool. It also sucked up most of the leaves (we have overhanging trees so all the leaves is probably impossible).

    We have an above ground rectangular ‘kayak’ pool. This worked great. Climbed the walls and hit the water line. The pump also cycles water up about an inch, so that dislodges stuff from the water line as well. In this case a LOT of tree pollen. Gonna have to clean my sand filter soon.


    We’re very happy with this purchase. Great product, great customer service, and great price. Highly-recommended!

  5. jim spicuzza

    I bought the Nautilus CC after owning a Dolphin Triton PS Plus that needed to be sent in for some routine maintenance. I received the Triton back so quick from service that I didn’t really need to buy the Nautilus, but it gave me a good opportunity to see how it worked in comparison. If I could do it all over again, I’d buy the Nautilus CC and save a few hundred dollars. The only difference is the Triton has a front and back brush as opposed to the Nautilus having only one brush. It covers the same ground and basically has done everything the Triton did. Buy the Nautilus CC and you’ll love how it performs…just like the more expensive one, but for less.

  6. Shirley Hall

    I absolutely love this cleaner and should have purchased it years ago. The cleaner arrived quickly. It is easy to use, and it cleans the pool quickly. It is so easy to use.

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