Don’t Trust Dolphin Pool Cleaner Reviews

Well, don’t trust Dolphin pool cleaner reviews exclusively – let us explain. Many customers love to read or view videos on Dolphin pool cleaner reviews as they do research and decide which Dolphin pool robot meets their needs and family budget. However, what many of our customers don’t know is that these Dolphin pool cleaner reviews are written and made by some people who don’t even own a pool, have no testing labs, write reviews without ever physically having the pool cleaner in their possession and are compensated if you end up purchasing the pool cleaner by clicking on a link on their site. All of these things increase the costs to you the consumer and are things that Pool Partz avoids. At Pool Partz every model is on sale to provide you with the best Dolphin pool cleaner that meets your budget and specific needs for your swimming pool.

After selling Dolphin robotic pool cleaners for over a decade and selling thousands of units, we help our customers select their pool robot based on the information that they provide to us and we base our recommendations on prior sales data and the customer needs. We are often asked why our prices are so much lower and it is because our advertising costs are much less and therefore we can pass those savings onto the consumer. Additionally, our award winning customer service is always available to assist you with any questions.

If you are reading or viewing Dolphin pool cleaner reviews while you are researching Dolphin robots, here are some things to keep in mind while you are reading the information. At Pool Partz we want to educate our customers so that they can make an informed decision and understand what separates us from other resellers.

Dolphin Robots by Maytronics – Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

For over 35 years, Maytronics has been a global leader in the swimming pool industry by developing innovative technologies and solutions. The Dolphin line of robotic pool cleaners has been one of those solutions. Quite simply, they are the best robotic pool cleaner on the market today and have experienced tremendous growth over the last decade.

These innovations include efficient and easy to use filtering so that dirt and debris can easily be picked up and brushing systems that remove bacteria and algae from the surfaces of the swimming pool. Additionally, the pool robots use sophisticated algorithms that enable the pool robot to cover the entire pool area. Lastly, the robots are highly efficient which saves electricity and operating costs of the pool robot.

Exclusive Dolphin Pool Cleaner Resellers

As Maytronics being the leader in robotic pool cleaners, at Pool Partz we only sell Dolphin pool robots so we have the knowledge of the entire product line. Be wary of resellers that sell a plethora of different products – do they really know the products or are they simply trying to make a sale? We assume that you already know that the Dolphins are the best robotic pool cleaner on the market. By selling the Dolphin product line exclusively, we can provide the best value to our customers.

We are assuming that you have done enough research to know that you want to purchase a Dolphin pool cleaner and now the decision comes down to which model you want. On our site, we never do comparisons of other brands of robotic pool cleaners because the majority of the customers that come to our site are looking for the information that they need to make a Dolphin purchase. They have heard of the Dolphin brand through their friends, neighbors or conducting their own online research. We get calls time and time again from customers whose neighbor let them borrow their Dolphin pool robot and they inquire about purchasing one from us.

Dolphin Pool Cleaner Review Websites

Have you ever accessed a website that reviews a Dolphin robot but you can’t purchase it on the site itself? These sites are known as affiliate websites which are designed to drive traffic to their site in hopes that you purchase by clicking on a link. In return for clicking on the link to purchase the unit on another site, the owner of the website receives a commission on the sale of the product. However, there are two issues with this: 1) the integrity of the review and 2) commission paid to the writer of the review.

If the affiliate website is trying to convince you to purchase the product, how reliable can the review be? If their whole goal is to get you to buy the product, why wouldn’t they write the most positive review possible? Of course they would. Additionally, the reseller must pay the writer of the review a commission whose cost is simply passed onto the consumer. Unfortunately, affiliate websites or websites that are owned by the reseller with the sole intention of only providing Dolphin robotic pool cleaner reviews can just provide misleading information since their sole intention is to have you buy their product.

At Pool Partz, we don’t use affiliate websites. We want to provide you with the best price possible without the need for a coupon. Some of our best customers are neighbors of someone who already owns a Dolphin pool cleaner and they can see for themselves the quality of the Dolphin robot.

Best Selling Dolphin Pool Cleaners

At Pool Partz, we use our sales data and direct feedback from our customers to provide our potential customers with the Dolphins that are the best sellers. Because swimming pools are different, i.e. above ground versus in ground, pool size, etc. and the customer requirements can vary, each of these best sellers have the most sales in their respective categories.

Not sure which one you need? Use our comparison tool to highlight differences between the various top selling Dolphin robotic pool cleaners.

Best Dolphin Robot Summary

While other Dolphin models come with the same quality that Maytronics is known for, the models that we just described are the top sellers. However, we do get customers that will like the body style or the color of a different model which can drive their decision. Some pick a model that happens to be their favorite sports team colors.

Dolphin Pool Cleaner Sale – No Coupon Required

So, despite the various Dolphin models to choose from, the selection becomes pretty simple when deciding what model you should purchase. The great news is that Pool Partz is the exclusive reseller of factory direct certified refurbished Dolphin robotic pool cleaners by Maytronics. These units ship directly from Maytronics in Georgia directly to you.  Every year these units sell out because inventory is limited and they are extremely popular.

We hope you enjoyed this information on why not to use online Dolphin reviews exclusively to make your product decision. Regardless of which Dolphin robotic pool cleaner you decide to purchase, please know the Maytronics line of robotic pool cleaners are the best in the business and that Pool Partz has been serving our customers for over a decade and have received numerous awards for our great customer service.

2024 Top Selling Dolphin Robots

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