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Dolphins by Maytronics

For almost 40 years, Maytronics has been a global leader in the swimming pool industry by developing solutions for swimming pool maintenance where the primary goal is to provide easy to use, cost effective products to keep your swimming pool clean, healthy and safe.

The Dolphin line of robotic pool cleaners by Maytronics is one of those solutions and currently is the leader in this market.  Over the years, they have developed innovative technologies like waterline scrubbing and top loaded filter cartridges and baskets to create an environment for the consumer to enjoy their swimming pool with minimal effort while keeping their swimming pool spotless.

At Pool Partz we sell the complete Dolphin line of robotic pool cleaners by Maytronics and specialize in the factory direct certified refurbished models that come directly from their warehouses in GA.  Additionally, we sell the filters, caddies, power supplies and other miscellaneous products that support the Maytronics product line.  

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