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Brand new units

Do your brand new units come with a warranty?
Absolutely!  All of the brand new units come with the warranty that is provided by the manufacturer.  There's a common misperception that Dolphins purchased online don't come with a warranty.  There are only certain NEW models that cannot be sold online.
If you ever have an issue with your unit you would contact our Pool Partz team who are knowledgeable of every Dolphin model.  If the unit requires warranty service, you would just need to provide us with the serial number of the unit and we would submit a warranty request with the manufacturer.  The manufacturer then determines the closest repair facility to handle the issue.  There are Dolphin repair centers all over the United States.
Are you a certified reseller for Dolphins?

Absolutely!  Since 2011, Pool Partz has sold thousands of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners and takes great pride in providing stellar customer service for all of their customers.