2023 Dolphin Wave 140 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Here at Pool Partz, after selling thousands of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners by Maytronics over the past decade and assisting our customers with their pool cleaner selection, we understand their thoughts as they go through their Dolphin pool cleaner selection. Our review of the Dolphin Wave 140 pool robot provides all the information that you need to determine if this pool cleaner fits your needs. Due to the myriad of Dolphin pool cleaners that are available, there is a model for everyone that meets their swimming pool needs and budget.

For almost 40 years, Maytronics has been a global leader in the swimming pool industry by developing technologies and solutions for swimming pool maintenance. The Dolphin robotic pool cleaner line is one of those solutions, providing efficient and easy pool maintenance. One of the primary benefits of the Dolphin pool cleaners is that the units are not tied to the swimming pool filtering system but rather have their own filters along with efficient motor technology which provides for low cost maintenanace of your swimming pool from debris.

When reviewing the Dolphin Wave 140 robotic pool cleaner, or any Dolphin pool robot, we have found the best way to educate our customers is by looking at the pool cleaner using the following sections:

  • Dolphin standard features
  • Dolphin Wave 140 product description
  • Dolphin Wave 140 general features
  • Dolphin Wave 140 cleaning features
  • Dolphin Wave 140 other features
  • Dolphin Wave 140 optional acccessories

Dolphin standard features

There are some standard capabilities that come with all Dolphin robotic pool cleaners regardless of the size of the pool that you have. For instance, all Dolphin pool cleaners come with a power supply, a cable that connects to the robot, and the robot itself. Because the robot has its own filtering system and uses efficient motors, the cost to run these units is minimal.
   Plug and Play
Dolphin pool cleaners are extremely easy to use - simply drop the pool cleaner into the pool, plug the power supply into an electrical outlet, press the power button and the unit will begin the cleaning cycle.
   Pool Mapping
Every Dolphin pool cleaner has electronics in it that provides sophisticated algorithms for mapping and cleaning the swimming pool. It is recommended that you drop the pool cleaner close to the center of the pool as it begins the cleaning process for optimal cleaning coverage.
   Debris Filtering
Since every Dolphin pool cleaner has its own filtering capabilities, it is independent of any of the swimming pool equipment. The Dolphin collects the debris, you hose off the debris from the filters, and you are ready for the next cleaning!
   Energy Saving
Since every Dolphin pool cleaner has its own filtering capabilities, it is independent of any of the swimming pool equipment. The Dolphin collects the debris, you hose off the debris from the filters, and you are ready for the next cleaning!
   Customer Service
Whether dealing with Maytronics or Pool Partz customer service, both have a great reputation in the industry in providing exceptional customer service both pre-sales and post-sales. For over a decade, Pool Partz has been the exclusive resellers of Dolphin pool robots and have great knowledge of the every Dolphin pool cleaner.

Product Description

Whenever we conduct a product review for a Dolphin pool cleaner, we always like referring to the manufacturer's product description which provides some insight to the capabilities that the product provides:

Extra-wide for maximum cleaning efficiency, the Wave 140 is the perfect solution for large university, fitness clubs, YMCA, and resort pools up to 127 feet, including those with beach entry. The Wave 140 helps minimize downtime due to cleaning with its plug-and-play, fully automated operation, and multiple cleaning options, keeping your pool open for guests to enjoy. With a wide cleaning path of 22 inches, the Wave 140 excels at floor scrubbing and heavy-duty dirt collection, for an ultimate clean swimming pool. 

Powerful Heavy-Duty Performance

Powerful cleaning performance with exceptional reliability. Maytronics commercial robotic pool cleaners promise, and deliver a long-term, cost-effective operation.


Professional Pool Cleaning

Advanced technologies provide comprehensive scanning of the entire pool and highly effective pool brushing and filtering throughout, for clean, safe, and pure pool water.


Solution for Every Public Pool

With a proven solution for any commercial pool, from small public pools to the largest and professional pools worldwide- Maytronics is the ideal pool cleaner choice.


Service and Support

When you buy a Maytronics pool cleaner, you are also purchasing exceptional customer service and support by Maytronics product experts. 

Shipped product has everything you need to clean your pool spotless:

  • Dolphin robot
  • Power supply
  • Brand new filters

General Features

When selecting a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner, there are two primary things that will narrow down the Dolphin model that will meet your needs. The first is the size of your pool and the second is you need to decide what areas of the pool you want the robot to clean. There are 3 areas in a swimming pool: the floor, the walls, and the waterline. When we refer to the "waterline", we are referring to the area around the pool where the tile meets the coping and it is synonymous with "waterline scrubbing". If a unit cleans the walls but does not scrub the waterline, the unit will move up to the waterline and then move down the walls.

When measuring the size of your swimming pool, simply use the longest dimension of the pool. For the majority of residential swimming pools, whether above-ground or in-ground, the size of the swimming pool is less than 50 feet which is why many of the Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are designed for pools up to 50 feet.

What pool area would you like the unit to clean? All Dolphin pool robots clean the floor and cove (the area between the floor and walls if that area is sloped) but the higher-end models can also clean the walls and waterline.

The Dolphin Wave 140 pool robot is designed for pools up to 127 feet. The areas of the pool that the unit will clean are floor only.

Cleaning Features

When reviewing the various Dolphin pool cleaners that fit the size of your swimming pool, the unique cleaning features are the key differentiators between the various models. The Dolphin Wave 140 is a great low-cost basic model that will clean only the floors and provides a great balance between more expensive models that will do the walls as well. The amount of time that it takes a Dolphin pool cleaner to perform a regular cleaning cycle is referred to as the cycle time. Depending on the Dolphin model, some models have different cycle times that provide for a quick cleaning of the floor or a more lengthy cycle known as a deep scrub. Each model has an optimized cleaning cycle.

Depending on the Dolphin robotic pool cleaner model, they are capable of cleaning the floor (including the cove), the walls, and scrubbing the waterline. The Dolphin Wave 140 pool cleaner will clean the floor only.
The Dolphin Wave 140 comes with a set of fine filters.
   Cleaning modes
Some models come with different cleaning modes. For this model, the Dolphin Wave 140 comes with all the possible cleaning modes: standard, quick clean and enhanced cleaning.
   Cycle time
Cycle time is the amount of time that the Dolphin pool robot will take to complete a cleaning cycle. The cycle time for the standard cleaning cycle is 5 hours. During the spring startup of the swimming pool or after periods of having larger amounts of debris in the pool, it may be necessary to run multiple cycles with the Dolphin robot.
   Quick cleaning
The quick clean mode is a feature that allows the unit to run for a cycle where it is only cleaning the swimming pool floor. This feature can be very useful when you will be using the swimming pool shortly and you want to quickly clean it. The Dolphin Wave 140 comes with this feature and the cycle time associated with this cleaning mode is 4 hours.
   Enhanced cleaning
The enhanced cleaning mode is a feature that allows the unit to run for a longer cycle to provide additional scrubbing. The Dolphin Wave 140 comes with this feature and the cycle time associated with this cleaning mode is 6 hours.
Dolphin pool cleaners use brushes to both scrub and collect debris. The Dolphin Wave 140 provides dual brushes for even more efficient scrubbing as the unit is cleaning the swimming pool.
   Active brush
Active brush technology allows one of the brushes for spin at twice the standard rate which provides for more intense brushing. The Dolphin Wave 140 comes with this feature.

Operational Features

   Remote control
Units with remote control abilities allow you utilize a physical remote to control the Dolphin pool cleaner. The Dolphin Wave 140 comes with this feature.

Other features

   Cable length
The Dolphin Wave 140 pool cleaner comes with a cable that has a length of 140 feet.
   Unit weight
The weight of the Dolphin Wave 140 unit is 55 pounds.

Optional Accessories

The purpose of the caddy is to hold the Dolphin pool cleaner and power supply in place while the unit is not in the swimming pool during its cleaning cycle.
   Caddy cover
The caddy cover is used to protect the robot and power supply from the elements. If a caddy is purchased, the cover is highly recommended since it will protect the power supply when it rains. As a reminder, the power supply is splash-proof but not water-proof so it should not be exposed to rain.
   Ultra fine filters
The Dolphin Wave 140 pool cleaner comes with fine filters which is perfect during startup of the swimming pool and normal use. Additionally, the manufacturer sells ultra fine filters which are highly recommended during the peak times where the swimming pool is being used, allowing even the smallest amounts of debris to be captured in the filters.

Product Video


The Dolphin Wave 140 is a commercial model that provides the durability and quality that would be expected for use in a commercial swimming pool.

We hope that you enjoyed the review of the Dolphin Wave 140 pool cleaner and the numerous features that the pool robot provides.

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