Don’t Trust Dolphin Pool Cleaner Reviews

Well, don’t trust Dolphin pool cleaner reviews exclusively – let us explain. Many customers love to read or view videos on Dolphin pool cleaner reviews as they do research and decide which Dolphin pool robot meets their needs and family budget. However, what many of our customers don’t know is that these Dolphin pool cleaner […]

How to Select a Dolphin Pool Cleaner

By far the number one question we handle at Pool Partz is about which Dolphin pool cleaner to buy. “There are so many choices out there and I don’t know which one is best for me”. Many of our customers have suffered from this “analysis paralysis” where there are an overwhelming number of Dolphin pool […]

Why Dolphin Pool Cleaners?

Maytronics is the global leader in robotic pool cleaners, holding first place in market share and innovation. They are entirely focused on enabling pool owners to get the most enjoyment from their pool by providing the best-performing and easiest pool cleaning solutions. Having pioneered the field of robotic pool cleaners more than 30 years ago, […]

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