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Service/warranty request

All requests for either service or warranty related matters must be done online so that we have an electronic record for the manufacturer.  Service or warranty calls are not handled over the telephone because the information you provide via the request form will help us determine the resolution to the issue and that we have an electronic record of your request for both us and the manufacturer.

So, how does the request process work?  First, based on the information that you provide we determine whether your unit is under warranty.  If it is and we can handle the problem directly (like shipping a replacement power supply because yours failed) we will submit the request to the manufacturer and the replacement parts will be shipped in a few days.

If your unit needs to be repaired while under warranty, we will submit the request to the manufacturer and within a couple of days you will receive an email from them after they have determined the closest repair facility that the unit needs to be shipped to for repair.  We will send you a confirmation email that we have received the warranty request - there is no need to contact Pool Partz after you have received the confirmation email because at that point the manufacturer has received the warranty request and all correspondence will come from them.

In the unlikely event that you just received your unit and it isn't working, please provide us with specific details so that we can determine the root cause.  If we determine that the unit needs to be replaced, we will submit an RMA to the manufacturer to ship you a replacement unit.  Please look for an email from the manufacturer that has the return instructions and a pre-paid FedEx shipping return label for returning the unit to the manufacturer so that a replacement unit can be shipped.

All service and warranty requests require you to provide the 10 character serial number which can be found on the inside of the unit near the filters.  DO NOT provide the serial number of the power supply; we need to submit the 10 character serial number of the robot itself.

To submit either a service or warranty request, click HERE.