Dolphin Dynamic 2002 with remote - Refurbished

Dolphin Dynamic 2002  with remote - Refurbished
Brand: Maytronics
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The Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner leads the way in innovation, reliability and functionality! This brand has been working hard to clean your pool since 1983!

Say good bye to hand vacuuming forever! Leaves, acorns, bugs, sticks, rocks and pollen are no match for the power of the Dolphin Dynamic 2002/2020!

The Dolphin Dynamic 2002/2020 will clean any shape or type of pool and scrub the walls and floor of your pool free of dirt, algae, and bacteria.

This model climbs walls to the waterline, maneuvers around ladders, most drains and stairs, and shuts itself off automatically once the cycle is over.

Not only does the Dolphin Dynamic 2002/2020 make your pool spotless, it also filters your water at the same time. Because it works independently from your pump and filter system, it purifies up to 4,750 gallons per hour and also helps to distribute your pool chemicals throughout the water. Studies have shown that by using this cleaner, you can reduce your chemical usage by up to 30% and you can also save water since the debris from your pool is being trapped in the Dolphin's washable filter bag, your pool's main filter stays cleaner the need to backwash is also reduced.

The powerful Dolphin cleans up to 4,200 sq. ft. per hour and traps debris in its own internal filter bag, so you will not add any strain on your pump and filter like suction or pressure cleaners do.

The unit is completely safe and operates on 24 volts DC at a cost of pennies a day. A recent study shows the unit costs about $.05 per hour of electricity to use. The Dolphin comes complete with transformer (power supply), 65' feet of Kevlar coated floating cable, a fine filtering, machine washable filter bag and an owner's manual. Invest in the most proven automatic pool cleaner of its type with the Dolphin Dynamic 2002/2020 and make your pool's water sparkle this season!

This unit is a "show off", it will climb the walls of your pool and amaze your family, friends and neighbors. A definite crowd pleaser!

Most pool alarms and solar covers are not affected by the use of this cleaner.**Works on vinyl, gunite, pebble tech or any pool surface!

Air sensor is built in so it's great for beach entry pools as well!

Now you can guide your Dolphin Dynamic to dirty areas and do quick spot clean-ups after a storm or before your next pool party.


Recommended usage up to 50 feet
Cable length 65 feet
Filtration rate 4750 gallons/hour
Output voltage 24V DC
This is a refurbished unit that has been tested and certified by Maytronics, the manufacturer of the unit.

This unit comes with a full one year warranty directly from the manufacturer.
All warranty work is performed directly by the manufacturer.